Thematic Map of all NYC Taxi Trips in 2013

avg. fare $
avg. tip %
avg. no. of passengers

A Data Visualization by Thorsten Schaeff

This map shows the distribution of all taxi drop-off locations in 2013 (~170 million) within NYC. By clicking on an area of the map, you can see: the distribution of drop-off locations, the average fare, average tip percentage* and average number of passengers of trips that started in that area.

Using Google's new Cloud Platform tool "Cloud Dataflow", we were able to geofence more than 340 million NYC Taxi pick-up and drop-off locations (open data released by the NYC Taxi & Limo Commission) against 342 different geofences in the cloud. The fences resulted from converting the NYC neighbourhood tabulation areas into single-part polygons.

Having the data spatially aggregated and stored in BigQuery, we were able to run fast and insightful queries on the whole dataset. You can find the processed data in this public BigQuery table.

We are very happy to share our results with you and show you some interesting facts about NYC.


For background information on how we processed the data please see this post on the Google Cloud Platform Blog.

This visualization was part of my internship project at Google in 2014. If you have any questions about this application, the data or the source code, feel free to contact me.

* As cash tips aren’t reported, only 52% of trips have a tip noted, therefore the values regarding tips could be inaccurate.